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About Company

SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS private company investing in various sectors including hospitality, healthcare, logistics, technology and financial services. The company’s strategy is to maintain a long-term investment approach by extracting value from undervalued assets and focusing on core growth and valueadded industry sectors.

SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS is to offer end-to-end real estate assistance to its customers and to bring a professional approach to the industry. “Transparency, Integrity, Quality, and Trust“ are the four pillars of the company that gives it the strength to expand its horizons and reach the pinnacles of success.

Our Goal

SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS The group plans to invest in various projects across various sectors including hospitality, healthcare, logistics and technology. Over the next 5 years, the group plans to expand across strategic locations in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle east and Asia Pacific and industry sectors and into stable and profitable ventures .

Market Environment (Challenges)

The corona virus pandemic is wreaking havoc globally…

  • The pandemic is negatively affecting global economic growth beyond anything.
  • The pandemic could trim global economic growth by 3% to 6% in 2021.
  • The economic fallout from the pandemic raises the risk of a global recession Global trade could fall by 13% to 32%, depending on the depth and extent of global economic downturn.

  • The focus of government policies expanded from a health crisis to macroeconomic and financial market issues that are addressed through a combination of monetary, fiscal and other policies

Market Environment(Opportunities)

…..however there are opportunities in certain sectors….

  • Uncertainty drives changes and out of safety and necessity, mankind has demonstrated remarkable resilience to evolve and adapt to new norms.

  • The confluence of these needs and circumstances is creating opportunities for rapid
    exponential growth in numerous channels.

  • The confluence of these needs and circumstances is creating opportunities for rapid
    exponential growth in numerous channels.
  • Experts have identified e-commerce, Industrial real estate, Technology, Cloud Kitchen, 5G and growth of Bandwidth, Robotics, Augmented reality, Virtual meetings, Healthcare, E-learning as some of the sectors which will witness phenomenal growth in coming years.

  • The pandemic has also forced many businesses to sell their assets due to capital
    constraints. These investments can generate above average returns

Market Environment(Focus)

…..and the focus of SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS will be in some of these sectors

  • E-commerce industrial real estate – one of the strategic focus of SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS space is to operate granite mining properties and specialized warehouse across major cities in India with the target of catering to the ever-growing demand of e-commerce players.

  • F&B Industry – The other strategic area that SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS space will enter is developing and renting cloud kitchens to entrepreneurs

  • SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS Healthcare will focus on hospitals as well as alternative treatment and wellness using traditional Indian ayurvedic science.

  • SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS Commercial will work on building a strong financial instrument backed international trade primarily focused on Food stuff, spices, agro-products, metals and other commodities

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We provide the best royalty present in the market. The royalty amount in properties we provide is more than any other real estate consultant.

Best Service

We maintain a seamless connection between our investors and investee and present our investors with the best services and update them.

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We care about your hard-earned capital therefore we provide you with the best advice possible so that the best investment could be made and chances of getting returns .