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Sharma Realtors Solutions  is a Real Estate Consulting  and Solutions supplier that offers differentiated administrations that truly aims in providing the best services.Sharma Realtors Solutions holds 8 years of experience in real estate business and investment advisory focusing in all regions of India, especially in the Delhi NCR region.

SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS  is to offer end-to-end real estate assistance to its customers and to bring a professional approach to the industry. “Transparency, Integrity, Quality, and Trust“ are the four pillars of the company that gives it the strength to expand its horizons and reach the pinnacles of success.

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SHARMA REALTORS SOLUTIONS  is a private company investing in various sectors including hospitality, healthcare, logistics, technology and financial services. The company’s strategy is to maintain a long-term investment approach by extracting value from undervalued assets and focusing on core growth and valueadded industry sectors.


We aim to build a robust prudent risk management portfolio of sustainable investments, driven by philosophy to boost stakeholders value.

  • Provide and revive employment prospective employment opportunities

  • Eradicate poverty and malpractice within our control.

  • Contribute to the economic growth along with the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility.


To establish a brand name and increase its value over the years by rendering excellent service rich in quality, sincerity, and reliability. We help our shareholders build their future with innovative diversified portfolio investment that generates value with integrity and best ethical practice.


The group plans to invest in various projects across various sectors including hospitality, healthcare, logistics and technology. Over the next 5 years, the group plans to expand across strategic locations in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle east and Asia Pacific and industry sectors and into stable and profitable ventures .

Our Strategy

We seek to accelerate growth and advance excellence as a leading holding company through a unique four pillar approach. We believe this will provide a sustainable and competitive scale of global entity whilst retaining special brand, capabilities and expertise that stakeholders demand.

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Greater Noida



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Signature Global City 93, Sector 93, Gurugram.

Signature Global City 37d Phase 2

Signature Global City 63A phase 2

Smart World Orchard Sector 61

M3M Antalya Hills at Sector 79

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